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Where should you work? LinkedIn reveal the unique skills cities hold

29 Oct 2014

Do you relish financial planning, or working in customer service? Then perhaps you should work in the northern ‘business belt’ of Liverpool, Leeds, and Manchester, according to a study by LinkedIn.

LinkedIn has mapped which skills are most uniquely found in almost every major city across the US and the EU, using skills and location insights from more than 175 million member profiles. The map highlights the skill categories listed by the greatest share of a city’s population compared to the national average.

The UK map, based on an analysis of more than 16 million members, focuses on seven major cities: Birmingham, Edinburgh, Glasgow, Leeds, London, Liverpool and Manchester.

Key findings show that Liverpool, Leeds, and Manchester represent are defined by skills such as financial planning, customer service, and business development.

Conversely, London is a hotbed of diverse talents, reflecting the breadth of industries that have gravitated towards it over the years. Finance, business, and entertainment all jockeyed for position as the top skill category, with entertainment coming out on top.

Skills in Scotland reflect the basis of its economy and are heavily reliant on natural resources – in particular, North Sea oil. Oil and gas, drilling, and electricity generation all featured among the top individual skills in Glasgow and Edinburgh.

Pierre Berlin, Senior Director of Sales, EMEA Staffing & Southern Europe/MENA – Talent Solutions at LinkedIn told HR Grapevine: “It’s interesting to compare the different skills across each city, but these insights also demonstrate how access to new data is changing the way that employers should be thinking about their recruitment strategy.

“You might expect finance to dominate unique skills in the capital given the status of the City as the economic engine room of the UK. However we found that entertainment just pipped other skills to the post. Compared to other major cities, London seems to have the largest concentration of theatre, drama, TV, and film industries, with the likes of the BBC, ITV, Sky, and Discovery International all based in and around the capital.

“The data points to Manchester, Liverpool, and Leeds as a growing ‘business belt’ across the North of England. Financial planning, customer service, and business development all feature among the most unique skills in these cities. This is interesting in light of the current debate around HS2 and HS3, and how growth can be encouraged in the North. It looks like the skills are there.”

Source: Recruitment Grapevine