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Growing ‘app economy’ drives developer jobs growth

25 Nov 2014

The ‘app economy’ has grown the number of web design and programming jobs by 11% from 63,000 in Q2 2013 to 70,000 in Q2 2014, according to figures from the Office for National Statistics.

NoPalaver Group, a provider of accounting services to contractors, reveals that the number of programmers and software development professionals has increased by 8% in a year, up from 253,000 to 274,000.

And the total number of UK IT workers is at record high of 847,000, up from 839,000 in the same period last year.

The UK app industry, with a hub centred around Silicon Roundabout in London, has expanded rapidly in the last three years.

NoPalaver notes that businesses of all sizes are adapting to developments in technology, with even bricks and mortar businesses, such as small retailers, moving more activity online and becoming more sophisticated in their use of social media platforms.

However, many companies will often use an IT contractor or specialist provider to meet this need as the business may only require this expertise for a limited amount of time.

Source: Recruiter